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Cosmic Ray Activation Workshops
COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION – DNA 12 STRANDS ACTIVATION: WORKSHOP; Everything in the Universe is made up of frequencies of energy. There are twelve rays Plus 6 Cosmic Rays now introduced on earth. To enable Humanity to move into higher dimensions and be fully abled as the Multidimensional Beings of Light. Cosmic Ray Activation is a Unique & Intensive workshop. It enables us to expand one’s Perspective & get in touch with the core self of WHO YOU ARE. Working with these Rays you can assimilate t
Date: 04/05/2015
Time: 10.00
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Divine Learning Umlimited
Divine Learning Unlimited – An organization started in the year 2009 to bring forth an experience of learning about spiritualism beyond religious limitations and rituals.
This is the organization who have brought DNA Activation Workshops to India from the Founder Dr.Robert V.Gerard himself.

The organization strives to make it possible for anyone who is a seeker to learn about who they are thru these workshops and also develop themselves as Master beings in their day to day living. The DLU propagates that any one who is committed.
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Humanity is in the verge of transformation and we are entering into a most amazing phase of

arrow Clairvoyant & Training
arrow Healing
Our evolutionary leap which is especially accelerated during these next two years leading upto 2012.  This is the path of becoming and path of awakening.

There would be many miraculous abilities and greater gifts unfolding on this planet.
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